Get started as a Community Mentor at the School of Data

Got data skills to share? Member of a community that wants to turn data into information? The School of Data needs you! We are currently broadening our efforts to spread data skills around the world – people like you are crucial in this effort: new learners need guidance and people to help them along the way. Stand out and become a community mentor!

As a community mentor you will:

  • Offer constructive feedback for learners on projects (often within your own language region)
  • Help to answer questions by learners on forums/mailinglists (in your own language)
  • Organize data expeditions and hands-on workshops

We will connect you with other community mentors and coordinating organizations in your language group – this will help you find your path. You’ll get training, help and support from the School of Data team, and good karma (priceless)!

Want to become a community mentor? Sign up below!